bright reflecting flower

Image of bright reflecting flower


the days are getting darker again and we need stuff to brighten up our lives:
like these little reflecting flowers.
not only are they beautiful and fun- they help to make life safer for you, as they reflect lights in the dark.
they are made from beautifully soft woolen felt and reflecting cloth and can be pinned to almost every textile surface, such as pullovers, bags, jackets or baby buggies...
in scandinavia, where winters are dark and long, this kind of reflector has a long tradition and is even obligatory for pedestrians! that means: the police can stop you and ask, why you don´t wear reflectors ...!
so, for safety´s and fun´s sake ( the two obviously don´t ecxlude each other!) wear reflecting flowers, folks!
PLEASE NOTE: each flower is made individually by hand, shapes vary slightly, the size is about 10-12 cm in diameter